Our Sunday Roundtable- Week 4

Should parents childproof their house or houseproof their child? What do speedbumps say about a city’s opinion of its citizens and their integrity? Do chastity belts produce good Christian girls?

Too often modern man is caught trying to pick the lock on Eden’s gate as he works to make a world with “no alarms and no surprises”. Our anthropology today has man’s nature being something altogether good. Any evil actions must be the result of poor nurturing and nothing else. Man doesn’t need to change; his world does. In The Terror of a Toy, G.K. Chesterton gives us an antidote to this error in essay form. We’ve all been bit by the viper and its venom is in our bloodstream, but this Sunday’s discussion should be good and timely medicine!

Click Here to read The Terror of a Toy for Week 4