Our Sunday Roundtable- Week 1

The same fire that heats your home can burn it down.

Passion is a blessing from God and few would want to try and live and love without it.  But the same passion that can stir your heart can break it as well.  In Austen’s Powers, Jennifer Farrara compares the passions of two of literature’s most famous leading men and offers many reflections into matters of love, romance, marriage, and our relationship with God.  Some of Farrara’s insights are a little provocative and I’m not sure I share all of her convictions.  That said, I think there’s a lot here that merits discussion and there’s much to apply to our relationships with each other and the Lord.  Please take time to read the article and consider joining us for a roundtable discussion of it this Sunday morning at 8:30 in room #208 in the Family Life Center.  Hot coffee and a homemade treat will greet you at the door!

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