The Way

A treasure hunter’s first treasure is a map.  No life is long enough to crawl down all the world’s caves, or dig up all the earth’s deserts, or set sail for all the remote islands in all the seven seas.  Without an “X marks the spot”, fortune will likely elude our explorer.  Sadly, the same fate awaits those who seek to find the treasures of knowing God’s will for their lives.  Whoever would hunt for God’s best is certainly in need of a map.  This Sunday morning, September 10th, we begin a course of study entitled Decision Making and the Will of God that aims to offer insights to those eager to answer the question: “Does God have a specific will for my life and can I know it?”  So grab your fedora, kindle a sense of adventure, and join the discussion.  The study will be held in Room 208 in the Family Life Center on Sunday mornings at 8:30.  We’ll be brewing coffee and serving baked goodies!